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Little jewelry company grows strategic alternative in our country
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Northward autumn already came, filar silk cool trace is shown fully ceaselessly in air, those who let a person more or less can be reluctant to leave a summer warm this world is vernal. Industry of our country jewelry all the time since industry of the rising sun that be by analogy, still be in it seems that now forward this way develops, however, go low as our country stock market, of the sources of energy and raw material price rise, inflation, dollar depreciates, money is constrictive... can foreknow, the conformity of jewelry industry will be quickened, competition also is met aggravate, company profit margin will be faced with cost to rise to increase the test that waits for a problem with credit financing difficulty.

Have a kind of hypothesis: If be in the period of time with very long future, these adverse elements put above in continuously, have those not expand the jewelry company what course to follow that rise?

The article passes the development course that combines other industry and experience, analytics narrated the current situation of industry of our country jewelry and future, in hoping to be our country, little jewelry company offers a development strategy train of thought that can draw lessons from.

Cold all the more in the winter this year current situation and crisis

Company of our country jewelry has many 5000 according to statistic, retail terminal has more than 20000 about. Basis " medium and small businesses of People's Republic of China promotes a doctrine " the definition to medium and small businesses, our country shows the jewelry company great majority of level to be medium and small businesses, and it is to fight the medium and small businesses with risk younger ability more.

The enterprise of type of production in company of our country jewelry, it is labor more concentrated model, low technology is add the enterprise of the value, it is support earns what scanty treatment is expended and live. As new labor law roll out, former some is non-standard " low cost " with industry system basic sink breaks down. The cost that use worker worker 20% to the rise of 30% , to those investment return rate is in 30% the following enterprises, blow is deadly undoubtedly. Need not say other crisis, it is the social security problem before, to those type of production in little jewelry company already was a tremendous crisis. These can pass the small plant with other many industry to close down will have evidence. Another of enterprise of type of production is important the copyright issue that the problem is products plan, increase what protect consciousness as intellectual property ceaselessly, lack capacity of research and development, rely on to copy edition the enterprise of type of production that get along is ruined the thing that is time time only.

The gem headgear that is in middle reaches of jewelry industry catenary is wholesale enterprise, it is the most miserable, is worth to sympathize with most business in the industry. And do not say several of last year wholesale businesses rupture because of capital catenary and the world evaporates, namely also a few wholesale businesses are mixed because of managing a risk to increase this year profit margin is too low and cease all activities.
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