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08 gem design work of contest bear the palm to will exhibit in Jin Li
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By Jin Li international gem trades the red-letter day of 2008 Shenzhen gem that gem of central combination TTF runs " renown treasure " activity, and " 2008CHINA " work of bear the palm of contest of international gem design is exhibited, will come on October 28 in Jin Li international gem will trade during section of 2008 Shenzhen gem on November 3 the center is ablaze come on stage.

"2008CHINA " contest of international gem design is Shenzhen jewelry industry one big great event, work of its bear the palm is exhibited in 2008 Shenzhen gem on shine brilliantly. At the appointed time, work of these bear the palm will trade in gem of Jin Li international the hall in central first floor is wonderful appear, huaguang extraordinary splendour, beautiful Lun Meihuan, not allow to miss.

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