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Chinese jewelry net sales brand awareness and creative thinking needed
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In the recently organized by the Ministry of Commerce of the highest standard of domestic e-commerce forums, the Fourth Forum on APEC E-Commerce Alliance, a company called Renaissance jewelry e-commerce brands Opel, enter the e-commerce market is only 1 years, through innovative F2C model , sales 50 million yuan, when the "net" profit of that year, the industry dark horse. The industry believes that the overall e-commerce in China's jewelry homogeneous competition stage, the only innovative thinking and brand awareness it be possible to winning the market. It is understood that, APEC E-Commerce Business Alliance Forum held every two years, the Asia-Pacific region influential international conferences. The forum organized by the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), organized by the Ministry of Commerce, APEC Electronic Commerce Business Alliance, the China International Electronic Commerce Center, Chengdu, government contractors, with the theme "Open E era a new future." Including Jingdong Mall, red kids, MasaMaso and many other well-known e-commerce industry executives gathered in Chengdu, Li as the Opel brand jewelry representatives invited to participate in e-commerce. At the Forum, Opel Li was involved in the 2009's brand power through innovative F2C model year sales of 50 million yuan to achieve the 2010 target 1 million, a closely watched e-commerce forum live the brand, this was rated as the most potential investment value of Chinese e-commerce "Golden Seed" award, which is the first time a jewelry e-commerce brands to receive this award. Li Yong, general manager of Opel Xue sound in an interview later that jewelry e-commerce development in China in recent years, and take a lot of detours, now more and more "feel."
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