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Innovative training model to create a Blue Ocean Chinese restaurant industry
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Economic crisis, the crisis caused by the phenomenon of people still vividly remembered. Due to the global economic crisis, many Chinese export-oriented small and medium enterprises were forced to cut people or simply close down, many people lose their jobs. As the economy gradually recovering , Followed the labor shortage, companies paid banner banner is difficult to find suitable talent. Against a complex one, so a lot of harm to businesses and workers are quite popular. The students just out of school due to lack of work experience, short Time can not meet the needs of enterprises, employment is difficult to become a common phenomenon, and some did not go to college, family poverty, high school, junior high, employment is even more difficult for secondary school students, reading useless one o'clock rampant. China's catering industry professionals have a strong representation mechanism. China's catering industry thriving despite the economic crisis, with more than 18% of the annual high-growth, excellent restaurant chain companies continue to market, but with McDonald's, KFC and other transnational chain giant talent, develop a sound mechanism, the Chinese catering industry there is always movement, the overall quality is generally not high, because college graduates into poor and short of actual combat skills Difficult to adapt to the rapid development of enterprise, entrepreneurship development chain management professionals have the experience and systemic deficiencies, lack of senior personnel such phenomena, which largely restricts the depth of the development of Chinese catering industry. How to get more jobs for poor students? How to make high-quality food and beverage companies to find the right talent management and professional services? How to increase the employment rate of the local government? How to make use of existing educational resources and successful catering enterprise Industry, business resources? Have become an urgent problem. China's catering industry management personnel training project will help address these issues. This project by the Tsinghua University, China and other old towns economic exchanges Association, initiated the experts in Beijing and other places famous restaurant chain Loving home under the auspices of the Beijing benefits the sky Management Consulting Co., Ltd., Beijing University of Applied Sciences formed from such participation. Can say that this is not just a love project, it is a combination of personnel training workers Schedule: As China's top universities, Tsinghua University, over the years accumulated experience in training senior personnel; Economic Exchange Association of China towns are well-known experts in the economic experts, vice president, leading rural economist, Xun Yang Professor of Chinese first document is written by each economist Mr. Chen Xiwen teacher; Beijing University of Applied Sciences is the leading training college of education, the school founded by famous enterprises in the training mode + received numerous international Famous Group and Lenovo Group, China Mobile and other large enterprises highly of China; Beijing benefits the sky chain management consulting firm is a leader in consulting, more than 40 experts involved in the chain of a large number of domestic projects, How to cultivate the development of strategies consistent with the qualified personnel chain has a more profound understanding. China's catering industry has its own personnel training project management training characteristics, mainly in five areas: First, trainees will receive free regular university general education, laying a good foundation and cultural quality; followed Talent is the new business philosophy students: to strengthen the students to the state, society and family responsibilities, to build a successful industry-specific state of mind and enhance the professional skills, management skills, entrepreneurial qualities and ability to closely integrate Allow students to receive inspirational stories and successful incentive; Third, project staff will be planning a career in training: the system to guide students to learn from the General Staff to the manager of the management courses to help students achieve personal career Career planning; Fourth, practice base training: arrangements for students to China for food and beverage industry joint venture project managers - the best practice of chain study, paid during the practice (850-1000 per month, there were still outstanding Scholarships), free room and board; to develop their own capacity, reduce the domestic burden. Finally, because the process of personnel training in accordance with chain strategy development and corporate culture to create the demand system, enterprises will be strong with the chain The rapid expansion of industry. Tsinghua University, Professor Wei Xuzhen expert analysis, economic uncertainty in transition, industry leaders will direct the client a competitive advantage will be lost, leading companies and enterprises will be behind the competition in a short time back The same starting point for competition. Mark in this rapidly changing, and only stable, sustainable mechanisms to ensure that enterprises of talent lasting competitiveness. Improved personnel training initiative or innovation, reserve the same model and innovative business model, re- To. China's catering industry is one of many training project management personnel caring people and a visionary sense of responsibility and mission of the entrepreneur to open up the industry talent mechanism blue ocean.
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