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Jewelry Education of China
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Shopping guide students to do the training for two months, the two-year college graduates to do shopping guide, a three-year college graduates to do shopping guide, and even a four-year graduates or do shopping guide ... Big Ben ... Root degree education 6 consecutive years of more than 10 billion U.S. dollars spending so that our country into the world of jewelry consuming nations listed, China's jewelry industry has also become a focus of attention of the international business community. To a long hot insulation, need to keep a "fresh blood" to add. 1998 China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) and Guilin Metallurgical Institute set up the specialist began to have a large number of jewelry appraisal, management, processing and personnel into the jewelry industry, and became the backbone. Offering jewelry related institutions, several from the initial development of the now hundreds of them, high-profile are: China University of Geosciences (Wuhan), China University of Geosciences (Beijing), Peking University, Tongji University , Zhongshan University, Tianjin University, Guilin Metallurgical Institute of Technology, Chengdu University of Technology and so on. Increase in enhancement of education in the direction jewelry, jewelry appraisal with the direction of assessment of the direction of jewelry, jewelry marketing direction, the direction of design and production of jewelry, jade direction of design and production, covering all areas of jewelry industry, from different angles. Geographically speaking, several universities from the previous one, to spring up all over the country today; from the north to the south, coastal to inland, jewelry education are taking root. Jewelry echelon of education has been formed, from the initial vocational training and academic education of the specialist two-way extends to the research training, technical training, education, vocational education, graduate degree education for the public to provide the much more advanced studies opportunities. After years of exploration and practice, school-enterprise cooperation in the training mode is no longer fresh. In 2009, China University of Geosciences (Beijing), Institute of Jewelry Training Base in Beijing formally Baorui pawn, "3 +1 +1" to provide students with excellent internships and job opportunities. Lack of personnel into the development bottleneck It should be said, China's jewelry education has been gradually on the right track, have the ability to provide the industry with a large number of high-quality talent to help the industry's continued rapid development of economic ties with the market more closely. However, in recent years, from jewelry appraisers, designers, senior technicians, to the processing of personnel, jewelry talent gap widening, high-level talent is scarce. Statistics show that in the jewelry industry in China, the proportion of college graduates, less than 15%, is one of the few graduate students. Beijing existing pawn more than 200 enterprises, the jewelry inspection, assessment is the jewelry during the auction, pawn, insurance, mortgage loans, liquidation, tax, donations and other important part of the process, therefore, increasing demand for professionals. However, assessment of high-level professionals in a serious lack of jewelry, fine jewelry with international standards to identify, evaluate talent, it is "a hard to find." With the development of jewelry industry in China, China Hong Kong, Macao jewelry businesses have invested in the PRD, the future of jewelry processing industry demand for talent will continue to rise, "employer" has become the most headaches in many jewelers. Lack of professionals, has become a constraint jewelry industry's biggest bottleneck. This conflicts with the various education and training institutions are training some of the professionals in numerous jewelry industry is difficult to find suitable jobs. Graduates a considerable portion of jewelry sales are doing, there has been training students for two months to do shopping guide, the two-year college graduates to do shopping guide, shopping guide to do a three-year college students, and even a four-year large Bunsen the situation or do shopping guide. Many industry insiders believe that jewelry education, especially jewelry academic education, there are problems. Letter to the Education concept and the objective circumstances out of touch with the market Our jewelry education started late, from scratch, from less to more, is explored and difficult process. Many jewelry educators are "halfway decent." In addition, many education and training institutions throughout the financial and other reasons, can not provide the complex and volatile market gem specimens, and the variety and number of the identification of all equipment, processing and production equipment. Coupled with professional jewelry also are "narrow mouth" professional, not like some of the large-scale cultivation of professional talent. Educational concept and the objective situation, so that we cultivate talent, the lack of practical skills, it is difficult to reach the practical needs of jewelers. Education due to lack of awareness jewelry, some colleges do not have the teachers and teaching in the conditions, the creation of jewelry professional, blind to recruit students. Nearly 3 years, the country set up jewelry specialty schools and training institutions as many as 30, leading to a serious educational needs of out of touch with the talent market. Lines need to develop multi-level talent "School-enterprise integration" should be the future direction of education development jewelry, it helps shorten the College (students) and the distance between enterprises, reversing the domestic jewelry re-theory of light practice institutions, re-test the phenomenon of light technology; help to change the jewelry distribution Heavy sales of light commercial and cultural concept of operations, enhance the cultural quality jewelry market. Enable students to learn first "life", and then learning "work" to encourage students to learn history, geography, art, psychology, social etiquette and other knowledge to jewelry industry professionals demand, training high-quality multi-level talent. Eclectic approach to education, but must be assessed for review. The relevant departments should give full play to the macro-control and supervisory role, so that the sound development of education in jewelry. To distinguish between the level of jewelry education is also important. Doctoral and graduate students who are high-tech field, should allow them to extend to high-angle technology; undergraduate assessment should focus on identification of gem and jewelry design; junior college students and secondary school students should focus on jewelry sales and processing direction.
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