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Glasstique debut Dorset luxury jewelry Optical Fair
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9-day Glasstique luxury jewelry Optical Fair will be held today, Ming Jin. According to reports, the exhibition a total of 70 K gold jewelry boutique debut glasses from Germany, has a hundred years of history, LOTOS and DF Weber, Denmark, Lindberg, Germany, Porsche Design, the world's top brands and a variety of collections and glasses exclusive limited edition jewelry display glasses. The organizers, gather this from the international luxury fashion brand eyewear store - Glasstique eyes held high-end luxury development designed to make guests feel the luxury jewelry design dotted eyes glittering glasses and optical frames embedded in the luxury unique charm. The exhibition floor is located in Beijing Scitech Plaza North Gate Hall. Fine jewelry from around the world a series of workshop style glasses and precious jewelry, magnificent and elegant design and superb craftsmanship is extraordinary, apart from the stunning, savor top luxury brand's timeless style glasses and a deep meaning. Gold, platinum, rose gold and dazzling jewelry, diamonds shine in competing in the glasses rack; in jewelry designers and craftsmen of the magic, every magnificent pair of glasses have become precious collectibles. As a senior gold jewelry eyewear brand of modern model, LOTOS 18K gold frames against the backdrop of the diamond is particularly valuable, and with careful Prong base and more bright. Diamonds are used in each tablet the highest level, glasses rack gem stones are level access to international accreditation body assessment. The world's most valuable works of art are crafted from hand-production process. According to reports, LOTOS southern Germany, each pair of glasses are made of workshops, craftsmen meticulously, and each procedure should take over 100 hours to complete each of the complicated steps, so each product is wonderful, vice masterpiece. LOTOS has even been selected as CEO magazine is worth the world to experience the luxury of 10 one. In all the glasses on display, the most expensive of the two glasses LOTOS series of jewelry priced as high as 595,000 yuan and 55.2 yuan. The part of the exhibition works, only Glasstique Optical Fair luxury jewelry collection. Relative to the display for the most high-end customers of the "luxury jewelry glasses" is concerned, Glasstique glasses boutique is also part of the same for different jewelry business, leisure and party occasions. DF Weber, Lindberg, Porsche Design and other optical glasses, the use of gold, platinum, rose gold and other precious materials, or with sparkling diamonds, emphasizing the unique design concept; or traditional model of simple design, the superb craftsmanship of luxury and pure style perfect combination, reflecting the luxurious, pure, fine spirit, the price from more than twenty thousand yuan to more than 100,000 yuan range to provide consumers with a wealth of choice. It is reported that the display glasses brands are the countries of senior royal, especially favored by top celebrity boutique. For example, LOTOS is the French, British and Monaco royalty, celebrities and the well-known British singer and rock star spectacle frames and other high-level focus, LINDBERG owners include the royal family of Denmark, the UAE head of state, the media tycoon Rupert Murdoch, Microsoft boss Bill Gates and other, more access to Queen Margrethe II of Denmark conferred the "Royal Danish specific brands" of winning.
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