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Jade Story: State TZ jewelry teach you how to appreciate and assess the Emerald
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Look for Emerald Emerald is good or bad evaluation. Appreciation and evaluation of an emerald light needs, background, foil and mood are suitable conditions, the emerald of the true and false kinds of copies, color, technique, the overall effect and objective analysis of size before they can set the price cf interval, and draw valid conclusions. See under what conditions it be considered accurate? Light. Appreciation and evaluation of jade in the natural light and suitable for 100 watts of light under the lamp, table lamp can not be used in the place, you can bring a portable flashlight. In this light, we must first observe the internal structure of jade. For example, when looking at bracelets, bracelets need to scrape together the edge of the table lamp, two fingers of his left hand to block the other edge of the bracelet, to let the light shine through from within the bracelet, and then stroked circle. This observation has the advantage of bracelets in the crack, the crack will be seen very clearly. Expert assessment of the appreciation of bracelets, often they will use this method. People say, "beauty under the moon, lamp jade." Jade is usually more in the light, beautiful, and experts called this phenomenon "eat" (kind of dry, thick emerald color generally eat), "do not eat" is not beautiful in the light of jade. Background. Background on the appreciation and assessment of emerald are equally important. We have seen mostly in white jade, and experts in the Emerald appreciation, assessment, are based on effects seen in the white subject. Usually in white jade beans will appear on the better, because there are many kinds of white beans small crystalline particles, in white, these white crystalline particles seem obvious. Then observe the jade, his eyes tend to place more emphasis on green, emerald green will appear more in the green. In the black bottom, the species would look good jade is more transparent than in white. Species such as glass, jade, especially the white species will become more apparent through the glass, but in the end on the black, white jade in the cotton would be more apparent. Many businesses will not only put in the kind of good black jade, but also like to put color in the black side of the jade. If emerald color cast, in white on a very easy to see, but on the black on the outside line, it is a challenge. Color is black on the side of the green will appear in the very green, seed is also very good, gullible collectors. A friend had brought her to the author bought a piece of jade of view, this kind of fine jade, the shape is also good, but the color is too partial, is the partial gray, green, light and color is also a look at flowers. Obviously, she bought this jade, the jade is placed on a black pedestal. Because this kind of thing will appear in black on particularly good, and very green. However, if placed on a white background, and will not cause too much attention. Many experts in the purchase of jade will, generally, with a ring. The ring of the ring face is not necessarily great, but the color and species must be very good, because the context in a different light, colors and types of jade were totally different. While this ring surface can serve as a comparison of its stone, used to match colors, types of copies for reference. We evaluate to determine a foil jade, it will affect our surrounding emerald assessment to determine its quality. Collectors often have such a number of jade, emerald, I feel particularly good buy, buy but do not feel good after coming back soon do not like it. This is because when you buy this jade, emerald foil other things a lot worse than this, or is a kind of partial copies of the color difference, or is the shape is not perfect. Then this thing will "stand out", is particularly prominent. Consumers now can easily be moved, but also easy to overestimate its quality, so we must pay attention to when buying. Select the business should have at least a few of your choice with similar jade, if you choose better than Jade, the choice would be more rational. Peace of mind when being touched by an emerald, not "determined to win" and to "quit the longer get." There are many collectors of jade in the select a favorite, it is often very excited. But this attitude is difficult to buy the Emerald stand the test of time, often over the period of time not like the.
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