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Hunan: inspectors work to prevent banks and jewelry stores
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To strengthen the bank and jewelry store security work, recently, Changsha, Hunan Public Security Bureau of the bank and jewelry store security inspectors and research work carried out. Inspector after the Public Security Bureau of Hunan Province, Changsha, fully affirmed the public security organs in the gold and silver jewelry store banking outlets and security guidance and supervision of the work done: First, bank outlets in the city outside the gates of two high-definition environment, the installation of a probe; Second, the unity of Changsha Public Security Bureau issued "anti-fraud and looting followed cue cards"; third is gold and silver jewelry shops and other key units issued to strengthen the security of the notice, requiring the installation of television monitoring of gold and silver jewelry store, security counter, 110 anti-theft alarm network looting and other facilities. The next phase of work, the provincial Public Security Department requirements, the public security organs at all levels across the province to further intensify its efforts to carry out current banking units and gold and silver jewelry store safety and security; to ensure further understanding in place, the system was further stringent measures to further implement responsibility to further clear; public security organs at all levels to intensify inspection, and guidance. For this work, Hunan Public Security Department inspectors will be sent a work team to various places.
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