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"Gem" shines Hefei next month in advance of the first Aspect Secret Jewellery
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As the saying goes "Gold has a price, but jade is priceless", held on January 6 next year in China (Hefei) of the first jewelry show (under the "Jewelry Show"), there will be a number of rare jade jewelry to meet with the public, including There are a number of jade and beautiful story of the origins of the reporter by one of the organizing committee or two in advance for your Secret. Legend Bahrain Bloodstone Have you heard of Bahrain Bloodstone it? According to legend, Yi Shooting 九日, the rest of the sun hidden, dark world. Apollo a golden egg to the Emperor to the grasslands of Bahrain and the gods of chicken hatching the public, so the Golden Rooster in the future to stay in the world, calling every morning the sun off. But a special hi infestation in the dark world of the demons went out of his way to kill the golden eggs. To protect the golden eggs, chicken and public gods died in the claw demons, the critical moment, the Golden Rooster hatched, the wind on the long, suddenly grew into a big cock imposing appearance, evocative of the sun, Zhensi the demons, and Cock, where gods martyrdom, they turned it into the blood stream Bloodstone. The "Jewelry Show", there will be a piece of weighing 5.9 kg of chicken blood to meet the king cock with the public, this boutique in the boutique called Bloodstone, whole body red and black, rich and gaudy color live, as to not stop Pentium out. Priceless ruby Inline jade players proverb, and his work can have a play with ruby sufficient, we can see the ruby level scarce and precious. The "Jewelry Show" will display a heavy 98 grams and Tahara raw ruby seed material, but also the young and Industry 2010, "Blossoms Cup" Silver works. Not only a distinctive piece of ruby red coat still moist jade, jade is famous Confusions masterpiece of governance, through the top fine antique jade and jade carving the perfect combination, giving the viewer the full three-dimensional space of the imagination, even more clearly a piece of native ruby and Tian in the supreme seed material in a unique position.
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