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Brief introduction of Burmese pearl industry
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One, Burmese pearl industry is initiative
Burmese pearl aquaculture only then at Burmese 1954 red old archipelago. The trading company of the Nanhai pearl company that headquarters sets in Japan and Burmese fruit hole comprises joint-stock company to begin pearl aquaculture. Begin from 1963, national government establishs group of people pearl fishery specific and responsible pearl breeds the job. Reorganizationed 1972 company of fishery of humanness civilian pearl, and department of trade of put under aricultural. 1983 again the aquaculture of pasturage of nominal put under with people pearl company ministry. Put under is Burmese 1983 mining industry ministry, the name that is in with production of pearl breed aquatics and salt industry company are amalgamative establish company of estate of pearl breed aquatics. Established Burmese pearl company alone 1989, thenceforth rises, burmese pearl breeds a company to be in charge of breeding production only, sale line of business is in charge of by Burmese jewelry trading company. Reorganizationed on April 1, 1989 produce a trading company for Burmese pearl, the company begins pearl aquaculture not only, begin marketing at the same time. The pearl that former be subordinate to belongs to Burmese jewelry trading company breeds sale part to reorganization produce a trading company for Burmese pearl.

2, Burmese pearl breeds industrial history setting
Burmese pearl breeds base to choose the earliest to be in Du Mo island with the Le Suwan south (Livock Bay) . The expert group that comprises by experts of 3 pearl breed aquatics began to raise on April 29, 1954 bead the job. In Feburary 1955, joint venture of fruit hole commerce (Kawthaung Trading Syndicate) incognito for Burmese pearl joint venture (Burma Pearl Syndicate) . After the course makes an on-the-spot investigation seriously, raise at beginning 1954 bead business. Because strap element island flood to cause silt grow in quantity, raise bead base comes at removing 1955 current pearl island.

3, invest a circumstance domestic and internationally to Burmese pearl industry
Burmese country restores law and order committee to take-over political power period, execute as what market economy makes, the company outside beginning to allow home and company of Burmese state-operated pearl begin joint venture. Buddhist nun of company of privately owned of Burmese home citizen exert company and Oriental pearl company invested pearl industry 1994 at was being mixed 1992 respectively. But because lack the advanced technique on international, the development pace of Burmese pearl industry is slow.

1997, japan amounts to company of Sa Jixin week to invest Burmese pearl course of study, 1998, company and Burmese pearl company signed the Andamangela of Pacific Ocean company of Australia and Thailand joint-stock raise bead agreement.

4, Burmese seawater raises bead trade current situation
2000, shellfish of Burmese labour Yo raises bead course of study to go well, try nurturance result, began to be begun successfully 2002 raise bead insert a nucleus. 2001, company of Burmese state-operated pearl and company of domestic privately owned - cooperation of Oriental pearl company tries Yo shellfish success on pearl island, company of pearl of Burmese 2003 state-operated inserts nuclear Yo shellfish successfully 80, more than 000, company of privately owned east inserts nuclear Yo shellfish successfully 60, many 000.
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