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General situation of Yunnan jade market
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Mining area of because Yunnan is adjacent Burmese halcyon, ground of the distribution centre with important halcyon, treatment and sale market are since Yunnan is accordingly long-term. In all sorts of jade, emerald turnover occupies all jade sale about 97% the left and right sides. This province discovered the Yunnan a few years ago again a kind of new jade -- Long Ling Huang Longyu, because its color is beautiful, have larger development latent capacity, its sale rises quickly already, already occupied the share of the jade market of 1.2% about. The market share of 1.8% is the others nephrite (He Tianyu) wait for jade. Among them estimation controls year of sale of nephrite about 2.5 million yuan only. The place such as the antique stall of world of gem of the city of the antique that protect a country that is in city of provincial capital Kunming, Jing Xinghua bird and emerald building, in a few jeweller's that give priority to with sale halcyon or antique and antique store, have a few nephrite (taste with Tian Yu act the role ofing give priority to) sell, have Buddha, avalokitesvara, archaize among them jade carving and play etc tradition act the role ofing is tasted and other act the role ofing is tasted. Outside dividing Kunming, each jeweller's such as county of city of other ground state also has occasionally a few nephrite act the role ofing is tasted sell. Up to now Kunming city and complete province each district do not have nephrite basically (He Tianyu) specialize in inn and brand. In last few years, emerald raw material and adorn taste the price to already was climbed successively litre, achieved historical perch, say always, consumer still can be accepted, year the posture that sale still maintains growth. He Tianyu in recent years the price also rises ceaselessly, nephrite customer seldom is counted only south Dan Zaiyun, so nephrite rises in price, do not have apparent effect to Yunnan market. View and admire stone to be on sale as the whole nation can hold in Kunming continuously in last few years, a few come from Xinjiang, the businessman of Qinghai and other places also brought nephrite (He Tianyu and pale jade) the headgear such as raw material and jade bracelet, Yu Pei, good because of skyrocket, the sale is very finite, what quality of a material differs is small adorn taste a sale very not much also. Because district place is restricted, contact not much reason, kunming and provincial consumer have more understanding to nephrite except minority outside, great majority is not familiar, lack is differentiated, evaluate and appreciate ability, this also is nephrite sells limited consideration in Yunnan. To travel market, come the grow in quantity of personnel year after year that Yunnan travels, already achieved 5000 much people every year now, when tourist is buying gem, of first selection is halcyon, have the jade such as Huang Longyu next. Huang Longyu was 2004 qualitative jade of silicon of a kind of when in Hai Xilong hill county discovers 2 oxidation, basically comprise with a few imperceptible bead quartz by chalcedony, color is bright shallow Huang Zhijie is yellow wait, compact and hard, can machine wear chain of the admire that make jade, bracelet, necklace, hand, play wait with jade carving handicraft, every price reachs hundreds of yuan for a few yuan, high-quality goods reachs tens of thousands of yuan for thousands of yuan. Raw material still can be made view and admire stone elegantly. After this kind of jade enters the market oneself, very suffer consumer welcome, become the jade breed with new Yunnan, also be Yunnan saves place to produce originally best can make headgear, place plant with the jade that views and admire stone, it was explained truly " jade gives Yunnan " real romance. Yunnan still produced all sorts of jade such as smithsonite of stone of article of mine of serpentine jade, different pole, blue, La Gangyu, glue, they or because crop is finite, or because hardness is low scale of all sorts of reason market sale are not large. Outside the province, abroad still has a few jade to enter Yunnan, but the market is more limited. One kind Burmese producing Shu Huayu (the silicon of dispute Chang Meili changes wood) the last few years comes in Yunnan very popular. Also can machine catenary of bracelet of Cheng Yupei, jade, hand, necklace, play wait with jade carving handicraft. Its color a variety of, hard and compact, Mu Wenqing clear, exquisite Wen Run, very let a person like. Shu Huayu still can be made view and admire stone elegantly, change jade in order to contain the tree of insect fossil especially among them most precious, can sell the tens of thousands of high price to hundred thousands of yuan even. Current, the gem jade shop of Yunnan is enclothed already basically provincial each district, outside dividing provincial capital, dali, Li Jiang, luck beautiful, Teng Chong, on the west double edition accept, protect the each district such as lira of hill, Qu Jing, sweet case and awn city to also have more jeweller's, jade breed is much, optional range is big. The price is more reasonable also, consumer can undertake compare and choosing according to his be fond of, buy oneself satisfactory jade.

Author: Beautiful circle / editor: Cola
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