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Brazil has a lapidary wall
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Brazil is called football, coffee, lapidary kingdom. The chromatic gem of 65% originates in the whole world Brazil, and the gem of 70% is in Brazil lapidary city -- bazaar of the Si Dina in the gram comes loose. Christina is the meaning of crystal city in Italian. In those days Italian immigrant discovered crystal mine first, here becomes crystal very quickly advocate producing area. From the travel austral capital Brasilia, make an appointment with a car Cheng of half hours, come to Christina. Christina is a small small towns that has 80 thousand population, bungalow is mostly inside city, see second floor room inaccessibly. Street and narrow, can pass through only small-sized car. This city trades because of gem and business is flourishing, whole town has single lapidary business business only, almost every family opens lapidary inn. Whole town has many 100 lapidary shop and gem treatment mill. Jeweller and foreign tourist are everywhere on the street. The shop inside lapidary city is before the mill after inn. There are all sorts of gems in the shop, too many beautiful things. But careful observation can discover, of array is quality is inferior completely, classics and boss chitchat just know, high-grade after only negotiate price clinchs a deal, the boss just can be taken from the back. Overcoming li of Si Dina city is producing area, lapidary price is gotten than metropolitan petty gain much. In the jewelry store of Riode Janeiro, the price of blue treasure of one carat sea is made an appointment with 500 Leiyaer (add up to) of 1800 yuan of RMBs about, make public 50% dozens to fold completely, and of same quality in Christina city also sells 100 Leiyaer. The Chinese that also has a lot of live abroad Brazil is zealous do lapidary business. The friend that occupies home says, he is on market of small commodities of Chinese justice black bought a Brazil natural crystal, one contrast, compare Brazilian shop actually in cheap still. In recent years, brazilian gem is farther open up foreign market, as tourism fiery, lapidary social status is steep rise. Face lapidary price carry litre, common Brazilian instead no longer rare gem. When attending social activity, female guests wears man-made crystal or vitreous act the role ofing tastes be in the majority.

Author: Beautiful circle / editor: Cola

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