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The city Yunnan that volcanic hot spring spreads all over halcyon vacates strong
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Attend recommend the Nanjing city of the meeting and Teng Chong county relevant leader

[dragon tiger net reports] Yunnan saves Teng Chong county, although far be in our country western borderland, however because of so-called " Chinese halcyon the first city " and famed at the world, do not cross Teng Chong besides halcyon, the famousest still have peculiar and grand volcano and the hot spring that spread all over entire county. This afternoon, teng Chong county holds travel conduct propaganda to recommend in Nanjing meeting, to Nanjing citizen introduction vacates strong travel resource, before welcoming a citizen, go to recreational go vacationing.

Teng Chong county is apart from Kunming of Yunnan provincial capital 606 kilometers, land area 5845 square kilometer, living move Chinese, time, 25 kinds of nations such as Su of Dai, Wa, Li, A Chang. Teng Chong and Burmese landscape are linked together, territory boundary grows 148.075 kilometre. Teng Chong calls jump over so, quiet acting later period just changes weigh Teng Chong, here is town of military importance of the principal treaty port of southwest borderland and frontier defence since ancient times, "Archaic south the Silk Road " enter through Teng Chong Burmese. The merchant on the history gathers, commerce flourishs, first world halcyon machines a beginning, it is distribution centre of jade of southeast Asia gem, be by analogy " extremely edge the first city " .

According to introducing, be like,Teng Chongdong does not have the intense heat of summer, the four seasons without freezing, summer spring, year average air temperature 14.8 ℃ , year rainfall 1480 millimeter, the forest is enclothed rate amount to 70.7 % , it is the place that optimum mankind lives. Volcanic, hot spring is spread all over inside Teng Chong county, have 100 thousand mus of natural grass field and a lot of laky, rivers, travel is resourceful and distinctive. The Teng Chong of 99 volcanic composition is volcanic group, with the type all ready, dimensions baronial, distributinging concentration, save in good condition and celebrated, be known as " natural volcanic and geological museum " . Volcanic hot photograph of Teng Chong is accompanied and be born, hot spring distributinging range is wide, only high temperature hot spring has 88 office.

Besides admirable environment, teng Chong's culture accumulates massiness, long-term since, teng Chong is interacting with the outside in, culture of culture of Central Plains culture, Nanzhao culture, war of resistance against aggression, different region culture, border district minority is mutual and shirt-sleeve, formed have multivariate of culture characteristic " jump over culture " . Of Teng Chong 2005 with suitable small town famous city of CCTV China glamour judges pitch on flourish to ascend head of a list of names posted up, be judged to be " the first glamour of Chinese famous city " .
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