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With the new period that Tian Ying will come to to develop greatly
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With cropland exposition of section of travel of culture of the 5th jade and carpet of the 3rd manual abb kicked off, this is close together hug with cropland and outside, also be leave thoroughly with what close with cropland. Changed travel section to already held 4 since beginning 2004 with cropland jade article, only 2007, recieve a tourist with cropland area 53. 10 thousand person-time, travel income 53.68 million yuan, section of jade culture travel already was become promote the main platform that develops with cropland economy, return the new period that declare publicly is worn and Tian Ying develops greatly at the same time. Be located in Xinjiang with cropland most Na Duan, be in early 2000 old before, with cropland it is Chinese the Silk Road south on the road town of military importance, the development that passes a few chiliad and evolve, accumulated with Tian Luzhou's individual amorous feelings and humanitarian landscape. Have jade with Tiansu, the beauty of the countryside of carpet, countryside of melon and fruit, countryside of singing and dancing praise, especially He Tianyu's good name is to be famous in more global. But, in planned economy times, wait for the much refashion of the element to make an appointment with at sufferring traffic, economy with Tian You, be in condition of unknown to public all the time. Since reforming and opening, especially western since big development strategy is carried out, throw the major project that give priority to with the country in succession start working and build, improved greatly with condition of field zone infrastructure and investment climate. The improvement of road transportation condition was broken with cropland close. Urumqi comes and the plane of cropland is daily two, 90 minutes can arrive; And assorted of noise made in coughing or vomiting comes and formal already start builds the railroad of cropland, highway, noise made in coughing or vomiting and railroad will build be open to traffic in Feburary 2011; 315 countries by assorted of noise made in coughing or vomiting perforative come with Tian Quan condition wood of Qinghai case Er; The first desert highway will be mixed cropland and cling to the city is linked together cheek by jowl, a Kesu comes and cropland desert highway builds formally already use. What be worth to carry most is the energy industry with cropland: Current, already was passed with cropland area and Tian Zhisha car 220 kilovolt transmission network and Xinjiang advocate net of couplet of electrified wire netting. With cropland river region already reserves of ascertain natural gas 616. 9.4 billion stere, station of natural gas end is apart from and cropland city makes an appointment with 6 kilometers, year air feed ability is made an appointment with 1. 200 million stere, already built civil natural gas to be in charge of a net with cropland city, produce per year 50 million stere to compress natural gas project to be being carried out. In Beijing, Zhejiang aid of province speak or sing alternately falls, with cropland area at present construction of area of garden of two big industry takes shape, water, report, road, light each infrastructure such as gas to be perfected basically, the project that enter garden is enrolling business in the round in. Area of Zhejiang industry garden is located in and new the city zone of Tian Fubin river plans inside, first phase plans 1. 6 square kilometer already gave out entirely, into be stationed in a project 30, preparing development actively 2 period with the ground. Area of Beijing industry garden is located in outskirt of county of riverside of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces by 315 nations line, be apart from 3 kilometers of county, already nearly 10 enterprises plan to be stationed in or be in build. The Party Central Committee and height of municipal all through the ages take the development with cropland and stability seriously, in each policy such as tax of investment, wealth the respect gives and cropland tilts energetically. Good luck is developed greatly western, premier of treasure of Hu Jintao's secretary-general, Home Wen makes an on-the-spot investigation and Tian He fulfils the State Council the good luck of 32 files, the good luck that speak or sing alternately assists, this " 3 great opportunity " it is to offerred powerful development with cropland motivation and policy are ensured more. Section of jade culture travel is with cropland big open, also created the development good opportunity with greater more to move toward world of the whole nation, trend with cropland. Put forward new development strategy at once with cropland perfectural Party committee, administrative office: Capture " 3 great opportunity " , construction " 5 large base " (horticultural base, characteristic cultivates Lin Guo base of base of base, characteristic breed aquatics, development of energy mineral products, characteristic medicine and ethical tradition machine Weiwuer base) , implementation " enrich the people edge of strong area solid " strategic goal, strive to make " 915 " become and society of cropland region economy develops good fast period, on new historical start implementation spans newly. Can say, face future, the condition that with cropland implementation develops more quickly has been had, the opportunity is already mature.

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