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Capital attraction of Xinjiang and Cultural Festival of jade of cropland area ha
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Xinjiang news network on September 8 report (Wang Xiaojun) 8 days, section of travel of culture of the 5th jade and exposition of carpet of the 3rd manual abb fall formally next heavy curtain. The reporter understands, xinjiang and Cultural Festival of jade of cropland area have the aid of, exposition, undertake capital attraction project is recommended. In this activity the project signs about 12, investment 387 million yuan. With the advantage characteristic resource of cropland area, attracted broad travelling merchant to negotiate with investment. Basically involve infrastructure, mining industry development, farming the industry such as development of by-product treatment, house property, travel. Local government hopes to pass platform of jade Cultural Festival, exposition, industry of development of stimulative capital attraction, travel, characteristic grows. It is reported, hold the first He Tianyu successfully from 2004 section of rock culture travel up to now, area inside and outside joins meeting ginseng to exhibit travelling merchant, enterprise ceaseless grow in quantity, will travel year after year of the person that sightseeing, investment promotes course of study increases by degrees, travel amounted to 380 thousand person-time 2006, grow 15.56% compared to the same period, achieve receive 480 million yuan, capital attraction signs contract project 181, investment amount 1.4 billion yuan, reach the designated position capital 647 million yuan, grow 13% compared to the same period, promoted the prosperity of Xinjiang and field zone and development, jade Cultural Festival, exposition already was become promote the main brand that develops with cropland economy.

Author: Beautiful circle / editor: Cola

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