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City of ruins of first antique jade article opens ruins [graph]
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Businessman of jade article of each district antique from the morning at 5 o'clock half be here lay out of in a row. Ming Jian of our newspaper reporter is photographed

Report from our correspondent (reporter Yang Tongfeng) September 5 is the traditional Chinese calendar at the beginning of August 6, city of ruins of first antique jade article is in Zhongshan ave of culture of Feng Yuan tradition opens ruins formally, come from businessman of many 50 antique of and other places of Shaanxi, Henan, Shandong, Shanxi, Anhui, jade article, began to be here partly at 5 o'clock from the morning one word lay out.

On ruins city, price of various antique jade article are uneven, the cloisonne enamel that one Shaanxi pedlar hawks calls valence to exceed 100 thousand yuan. Mr Peng of Fosan also has two baby to call valence 30 thousand - 40 thousand yuan, one is the jade article with acting business, it is the dangler of archaic lady, sculpture has the totem above; One is Han Daiqing bronze ware, draw many clients to view and admire.

There is modelling on the stall of business of a jade article of each different flexibly, Yu Zhui act the role ofing is tasted. He says, be informed Zhongshan to have a city of jade article ruins 5 days to open ruins, and avoid receive berth cost, big old far drove come over.

The reporter sees, a few small act the role of the price that tastes a few yuan to be able to be bought come home, satisfied the demand of different spending administrative levels.

Meet tall gentleman of controller of source business street says, at present traditional culture street shares fixed berth 90 many, for market of active antique jade article, promote Feng Yuan the culture connotation of the business street, meet later the traditional Chinese calendar 3, 6, 9 ruins, grow 300 meters inside the street makes street of traditional culture ave, riddles written on lanterns and Zhongshan a market of city of ruins of first antique jade article.

Stone Qi area concerns chief introduction, current, meet source business street is founding national level demonstrative street, relevant data has reported countrywide civilization to do, the form that stone Qi area also hopes to pass city of this kind of traditional ruins is rich connotation of business street culture, improve management grade.

Author: Beautiful circle / editor: Cola

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