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The source that vacates strong halcyon explores
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A place is called countryside of emerald live abroad, this place is famous because of overseas Chinese and jade, what is there to contact between overseas Chinese and jade so? You looked to understand downward.

Before 2400 history in writing down with respect to account, the mercantile go to the trouble of travelling a long distance that has middle reaches of the Yangtse River will to here search treasure, arrived a train of horses carrying goods that bright Qing Dynasty has countless more is carrying silk Sichuan cloth on the back to come here, they are to exchange a kind to be called " the dream of Oriental " stone, the indicative jade halcyon of fortune and influence. Although this wants to cross arduous and unusual traverse mountain range all the way, the gorge of tall Li Gongshan that crosses plague to spread, the angry river that overshoots evil billow dashs to the skies, almost escape from death, but the attraction with emerald intense glamour is worn the person outside.

When they see double rainbow bridge. One group of prosperity areas that the person makes fab in hill show in at the moment, is this hundred years several world's greatest halcyon distribution centre? ? Yunnan province vacates strong county.

Number and suitable countryside want in what vacate strong county and halcyon to have origin most, allegedly each building here, each street the story that hiding a halcyon, somebody is eruptive because of discovering treasure, because knowledge base is tasted and somebody declinings by accident.

The jade here is allegedly harder than glass, it is numerous jade breed in a most precious kind, quality is better call halcyon, because it is originated in alone Burmese the area northeast, common weighs Burmese jade. Place has a Tong Yao to cry " go, go Burmese to catch rupee " , this Tong Yao tells the child to be brought up in the future namely should arrive Burmese do jade business earn money, burmese jade producing area is in of Teng Chong next door.

Tomb-sweeping day this day, with suitable person busy move does a kind of banquet that is called bowl, his appearance resembles chaffy dish, but without Shang Shui also it doesn't matter takes rinse, saying it is stew meal but there are a lot of dishes above the meal, allegedly this is Chinese gust Burmese way, it is to entertain each relatives and friends technically especially those " go " Burmese overseas Chinese, because in Pure Brightness a lot of this day of Burmese overseas Chinese want hold a memorial ceremony for of return to one's native place ancestor.

A thing with familial the most important party is to arrange family tree, because familial some offspring evolve to also had not answered home town all one's life even in ceaseless flight, irrespective, want to there is a record in family tree manage only, it is a family.

Why to vacate strong person to slant want to develop to the outside? The hill do not have a head of this and place is concerned, there is a word to cry in Teng Chong " 10 hill 9 without the head " , here many 70 acephalous hill is the volcano that ancient time once had erupted actually, another when after erupting, stay vestigial the marsh that is large area, the diatomite that this is lava dissolve generation forms, this kind of earth can absorb many water, bubble hair rises go up loosely like offing, everybody dare go in, cannot plow more. But by the side of the settlement defend as a result of past dynasties, change comes large quantities of population, formed the situation with person much little farmland, where is the outlet?
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