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Characteristic culture promotes Jie Yang
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Walk into the Gu Cheng austral mountain to uncover this world, can feel everywhere constantly " article is angry " . Tea is drunk in tea building can drink, burn, wash, build by laying bricks or stones, article, way way working procedure is provided quite " time " ; Eat in street edge " rotten (congee) " can eat, do not eat to go out otherwise " flavour " ; Ramble banyan city, banyan river two water 4 banks, ancient city just like " Shui Shanglian is spent " ; Enter civilian house, a bit detail decorates hall room not careless also...   these " characteristic culture " , be in today by " wet Shan culture " the ancient Jie Yang of birthplace uses him development " characteristic economy " , build oneself " characteristic city " . "Careful culture " make characteristic brand   speak of Jie Yang, people often uses " essence of life " the word is wraparound. "Current state dish " energy industry is made, " congou " choiceness is chic, gold lacquer woodcarving, in relief beautiful jade carving " quarter wood stone is like small carve " , the farmer that uncover this world even " farm is like embroider " . This kind " careful culture " , at present is being used by Jie Yang's person the brand that makes oneself. "The countryside of melon and fruit " Jie Yang already made standard of 12 places agriculture, build Ning Guomei removing general, Jie Donglong eye to wait for demonstrative area of 7 agricultural standards, guide fruit grower from " careful " have sth in mind, develop longan, litchi, green plum, green Lan by standard key fruit of 4 big characteristic, cultivate simple in the past melon and fruit became collect to cultivate, the scientific research, horticultural industry that views and admire Yu Yiyuan; In Kang Xi year of a little famous energy of life " Jie Yang hardware " and " Pu Ning shirt " , " open beautiful jade object " , at present is recumbent " careful " journey north and south, bleach ocean to cross the sea even, only stainless steel goods is in countrywide market " occupy 3 minutes one " . Current, jie Yang has 81 countries celebrated brand, famous label and 7 kinds of countries to avoid check product, also have " country " of the name " jade " and " the countryside of mandarin orange of bamboo shoot, green plum, broadleaf plant, litchi, green Lan " wait for 6 old brands. The person that uncover this world is used " careful culture " make product brand, also use " careful culture " make urban brand. Banyan river two water " 9 18 turns " . Then, the person that uncover this world is relied on " water " program " city of the water austral mountain " , depend on at the same time uncover on the west, benefit comes, uncover east, characteristic of Pu Ning's district, economy, whole conceives Jie Yang " hill, sea, labour, business " characteristic pattern. No matter be construction banyan city of 50 square kilometer " two water 4 banks " new the city zone, still be garden of new to construction airport, industry, the person that uncover this world is pulled point to count sth on one's fingers, "Careful " arrive how to save a inch of land, how to discharge a sewage less, how to protect a banyan. Old Yi Wei says mayor of the city that uncover this world, by " extensive " to " science " development mode transition " need a tradition ' careful culture ' " . "Characteristic culture "   of ecbolic and burgeoning industry is being uncovered east Bu cropland, bu Tian Ren with " careful " , cultivate in countrywide initiate banana on hill; In Puningyonghua, always Chinese with " careful " , the not only and different breed such as cultivated litchi, green Lan, longan, still have different taste. The person that uncover this world already " careful " , " astute " . The broadleaf plant hill of Bu cropland, always China orchard, at present is Jie Yang " farmhouse is happy " travel brand. Fruit grower people what satisfied oppidan already is recreational, view and admire demand, promoted fruit of the beautiful austral mountain again, much still one is added receive channel. Xu Peijun of head of a department of members of standing committee of the municipal Party committee that uncover this world, propaganda says, uncover chute of Huang Man 磜, benefit comes to the natural landscape such as the seaside on the west, "The first tall gush of Asian " fountain of banyan river music, Jie Yang learns the humanitarian tourist attraction such as palace, "Careful " cultivated Zhu Lin, orchard, it is Jie Yang " characteristic culture swims " heat. 2007, jie Yang recieves a tourist gross earnings of 4.9 million person-time, travel amounts to 1.8 billion yuan. Presswork, phonic resembling duplicate, jade carving, it is industry of the culture that uncover this world is medium " fist " . Current, jie Yangyin is brushed, sound is current like level of the dimensions of duplicate course of study, technology already led another name for Guangdong Province east; Be in " Asian jade " in relief beauty, have permanent of business of many 4000 domestic and international jade, medium, high-grade halcyon acts the role of home market those who taste 90% out this world is beautiful. It is reported, jie Yang already was preparing to construct presswork duplicate industry group and group of industry of craft of in relief beautiful jade carving, hope " fist " do big, do strong. Exposition of jade article section, shirt section, hardware, medicinal material communication is met... in Jie Yang, the peaceful shirt of in relief beautiful jade carving, general, hardware that uncover this world " high-quality goods " have oneself " section " , " meeting " . The person that uncover this world uses these not only " section " , " meeting " deal, perform current theatrical work, Zou Chaole at the same time, a variety of folk art and craft art " let a hundred flowers blossom " . Xu Peijun of minister of ministry of members of standing committee of municipal Party committee, propaganda says, these " section " , " meeting " for Jie Yang " characteristic culture " inheritance offerred large stage, let " characteristic culture " this large stage becomes Jie Yang " characteristic economy " big platform; A controller that can exhibit a company thinks, these " section " , " meeting " it is burgeoning meeting to exhibited course of study to offer more business chance just about. "Poineering culture " advance Jie Yang of   of ideological emancipation's person already " careful " , " astute " , have more " spirit " . Set city from 1991, jie Yang strides one stride every year. But go up in street, net, post of hair of citizen comment, netizen: Compare nearly " bead trigonometry " , far than " long triangle " , can Jie Yang's pace calculate how big? The person that uncover this world does poineering work again, advocate " rely on to hit go all out " , this kind " poineering culture " incentive Jie Yang crosses a stride, do poineering work again. The person that uncover this world feels, jie Yang is heavy " essence of life " , literary work however often not " big " . Then, jie Yang " essence of life " , " big " pay equal attention to. The area all exceeds 200 thousand mus green Lan, longan, litchi to wait for 12 agriculture " high-quality goods " base, 21 agriculture " bibcock " enterprise, formed Jie Yang " big agriculture " ; Investment amount amounts to 12 priority discipline such as the harbor of petrifaction of big Nanhai international of 30 billion dollar, 12 annual produce exceed one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight yuan economy " large ship " , city of 10 international trade, build the modern economy structure that removes Jie Yang. Dish of wet Shan word, current state, overseas investment is business of fellow villager live abroad more... discovery of the person that uncover this world, oneself life often constrained at " wet Shan is fastened " , even the channel of deal also is encircled mostly in " oneself person " . Then, jie Yang is opened in a large-scale. Travelling merchant comes to the country such as chief of a tribe of couplet of Singapore, United States, A to Danahaishi change harbor, always invest 30 billion dollar; Carry on " bead trigonometry " the Zhuhai Jin Wan that the industry transfers (Jie Yang) Chen Jiang of city of area of industrial move garden, benefit (Jie Yang) area of industrial move garden already began to admit move enterprise; Uncover Shenzhen is introduced to install far group to develop big north hill on the west the developing zone of economy of natural zoology travel of 168 square kilometer; Hong Kong media reports, jie Yangzheng invests a look in what attract increasing Hongkong's trader. Chen Hong of secretary of the municipal Party committee that uncover this world is smooth say, jie Yang should be used already " poineering culture " advance ideological emancipation, want pair of traditions again " poineering culture " undertake innovation, develop the useful and discard the useless, innovation, develop the useful and discard the useless " itself is ideological emancipation " .

Author: Beautiful circle / editor: Cindy
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