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City of jade of gem of bazaar of peace and tranquility " full-dress " appear on
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Element has Nanjing gem the beauty of a street praise the road austral Nanjing peace and tranquility, added newly again recently the biggest " window " . National Day eve, bazaar of peace and tranquility ended satisfactorily large-scale extend is transformed and layout is adjusted, south, boreal building be well versed in is brand-new practice, business area increased nearly one times. Among them, south building first floor the city of jade of gem of peace and tranquility of 1200 square metre also with unprecedented the most large-scale, "Full-dress " appear.
As we have learned, rise Saturday originally namely from October 11, city of jade of gem of peace and tranquility is ablaze the first time after coming on stage is especially big fulfil guest activity -- , " love is in today autumn, the predestined relationship decides October " , collect festival, substantial, green, gout at a suit, display on one for broad consumer " color, sweet, flavour " provide complete indulgence to shop " regale " . The category that enters an activity has diamond, gold, platinic gold, K gold, jade article, silver act the role ofing to taste, pearl, amber, crystal reachs a watch to wait, include a person of extraordinary powers of silverware shop of wintersweet, Yingnage, Xi Tiecheng, Zhoudasheng, 100 blessing, another name for Guangdong Province, luck to come, affiance, Yu Mantang, Yu Zhiyuan, Heng Qing, Hao Tian, old neighbor differ. During the activity, individual character gets Buddhist monastic discipline, spend a body to order do, 1 carat is naked auger make work only 19998 yuan; Gold act the role ofing tastes 225 yuan / gram, jade article 2 fold again give sb a present, enchase adorn article go up in the 4 foundations that fold, buy auger send gold again (odd commodity gives 1000 pure gold 2000 yuan to hang an one completely) ; Wintersweet is expressed 9 fold privilege. Double cease day, specially invite saves gem to detect please station expert is customer identification gem freely, offer for the client clean a service freely. It is reported, city of jade of gem of peace and tranquility put flowers of nearly 100 miniascape, while the citizen shops to peace and tranquility, still can watch a leaf to admire the beauty of flowers, know Qiu Pinqiu. Additional, shop in peace and tranquility that day full 100 yuan, can attend the recreational activities with rich amusement park of peace and tranquility, win a prize in a lottery is led 100% . (south south)

Author: Beautiful circle / editor: Cola

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