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Kunming 2.8 billion build Chinese jade article the first city
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On September 26 morning, the ceremony of project of city of Kunming jade article that start spends fishing channel in Ci dam hold near Shi Guancun, station of on 1000 villagers witnessed this one purpose to be born in oneself crop land, and disregard the top of head to wash rice right-down the autumn day Leng Yu of drop of the sound of rain, because be filled in their heart,expect completely -- after 3 years, in them the foot of a hill of the village falls, it is by the side of their crop land, a whole nation's most large-scale jade article city will unplug the ground and case, and they also hopeful is recumbent city of this jade article is cast off farming agrarian life, be on the road that become rich. 2.8 billion build Chinese jade article the first city
"The start with Yunnan new gem will begin from today, the aircraft carrier that Yunnan gem travels will from here sailing. " chairman of association of gem of province of vice-chairman of guild of headgear of Chinese treasure jade, Yunnan, elder brother Ma Luo Ji says president of company of 100 big jewelry, "City of Kunming jade article " the project will be finished inside 3 years, whole project total floor area achieves 1.48 million square metre, the project will be divided inside 3 years 5 period finish, total investment amounts to 2.8 billion yuan.
The sale will be revealed to be core with gem jade after project building, culture of part convention folk, emerald auction, treatment, wholesale, retail, scientific research, read extensively, gem talent is bred, ethical meal, ethical goods is sold at an organic whole, the top-ranking travel culture that faces southeast Asia, South Asia is compound model service base, become market of China's biggest gem jade article.
Borrow machine seize profit of jewelry industry core
Have since ancient times " jade gives Yunnan " view, yunnan is the output ground with countrywide the biggest jade all the time, for industry of countrywide gem jade development made enormous contribution. However, from on 80 time begin the century, yunnan jade industry is changed by the brim gradually; In addition, because machine the lack of course of study, some closer person with ability of year of Yunnan jade industry is many prediction of a person's luck in a given year, division of a lot of advanced jade carving run to coastal city.
"We are ill-affected, does Yunnan do bad jade industry really? " Ma Luo Ji says, at present Yunnan has 350 thousand person to rely on jade to have a meal, annual sale also is amounted to 150 much, but because be in jade production catenary, jade treatment is the one ring with the biggest gain, and Yunnan is short of in this respect unluckily break. So, the profit of jade industry is inferior to and other places of the smooth city that Guangdong saves, Jie Yang, 4 meetings far. "The oldest end that we build jade article city is the talent with the most outstanding industry of jade of collect whole nation, build dimensions of a whole nation the jade processing factory with the biggest, top-ranking level, hold ground of the gain of jade industry is big firmly to go up in Yunnan hand. Hold ground of the gain of jade industry is big firmly to go up in Yunnan hand..
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