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Ten million yuan He Tianyu seed expects Beijing showing a body dedicates oneself
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Ten million yuan expect with cropland seed

A few days ago, beijing dedicates oneself to the service of his motherland folk of temple culture market is collected Xinjiang and high-quality goods of material of cropland jade seed were held to exhibit in the house. Place in the exhibition hall of central the most conspicuous position is heft 66 kilograms together expect with cropland seed, mark a price 12 million yuan, drew a lot of people to stop. The gentleman of vessel of He Tianyu's expert of the spot says, this seed makings is the 10 many Tibet year ago is tasted, seed expects nowadays already very god-given, resemble so the seed makings of chunk is more rare. With cropland at present seed expects every gram already was as high as 3000 to get on 10 thousand yuan even on the market, add this to expect whiteness is very tall, exquisite oil profit, mark a price 12 million do not calculate tall. At present already several buy the home to have intent. Civil / Li Bin of trainee of graph our newspaper

Author: Beautiful circle / editor: Cola

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