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How does green jade royal seal go appraisal
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Green jade royal seal is a kind intermediate and lapidary, but because peachblossom and Xian La are lubricious green jade royal seal is more precious, reason also has Mao Fang to taste appear. Common Mao Fang is tasted have two kinds, it is add color artificially with royal seal of colorless green jade; Become to be machined with gules glass. Identified method is, zhen Bixi often has 2 kinds of apparent sexes, see double movie; Shape wrappage or batt shape thing are run it is thus clear that inside body, the cross section of crystal shows dambered surface triangle. Mao Fang tastes place to be not had these characteristics, worker colored greens jade royal seal, as a result of color condole sluggish, lack royal seal of natural green jade " Bao Guang " , reason identifies not hard.

Author: Beautiful circle / editor: Cola

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