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Intellectual contest holds gem of section of gem of international of city of the
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Last night, contest of knowledge of gem of section of gem of international of city of the 5th Wu is held in Wu state institute. By Wu state institute, 5 continent the relevant knowledge with the agonistic artificial and lapidary team of gemmology school and composition of numerous and lapidary enterprise spread out contest to answer. The graph is players to be formed with respect to the physics of artificial and lapidary objective spread out contest to answer. Meng Shaosong is photographed

The Wu state institute last night is richly bejewelled, the Wu city starlight last night brights. Gem of section of gem of the 5th international machines skill contest to start a ceremony, and intellectual contest, pulled open in Wu state institute prelusive, attracted many hundreds enthusiastic audience.

Come from city of Wu state institute, Wu 5 continent the 12 city inside and outside such as limited company of jewelry of Maoyuan bullion of limited company of new handicraft of hair of flourishing of city of state of gemmology school, Wu, Guangdong is lapidary the 36 gem hotshot of the enterprise gathers together, with knowledge of stage athletics gem.

"What is what the 4C in gem represents respectively? " , " where is 4 big gem of world machine base? " lapidary knowledge is grabbed answer, the link of each exciting such as risk problem answer, in take part in the match in the player's sagacious, quick answer, more appear humor and dye-in-the-wood; And thrust deep into the enemy forces is among them lapidary headgear is revealed, more make attendant audience deep be intoxicated among them.

It is reported, wu state city machines professional skill contest through gem, dig and fostered large quantities of one gem to consider, professional of treatment, design, inlaid, annual gem machines skill contest, it is an arena that shows lapidary skill knowledge not simply, at the same time more the place that became lapidary talent to cut a figure. The reporter understands, cent of contest of lapidary section skill is 3 phase, after undertaking lapidary skill match starts ceremony and lapidary knowledge race, lapidary skill contest will be held on October 15 " 5 final " , will undertake on October 23 gem machines prize-giving evening party of professional skill contest.

Author: Beautiful circle / editor: Cola

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