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PK of all sorts of effect of law of skin of the beauty that wash a face
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Skin depends on maintaining, but not likely maintains must go to beauty parlour just going, actually Mm people in the process that washing a face daily, through adding a few every day object, can achieve the goal of beautiful skin likewise, spend penny to handle a major issue thereby.
   Law of 1 milk beautiful skin
Milk beautiful skin is particular surprise effect. Although but still have a lot of women,this is a more extravagant method,use this kind of method gladly to protect skin.
The method of milk beautiful skin is: After 300 milliliter milk is added inside washbasin rejoin rinses 2000 milliliter. Mix fine milk bath face with its, be stained with this Shui Qingqing to flap with both hands facial ministry about 10 minutes next reoccupy clear water washs a face again. Insist for a long time to be able to make the skin smooth, delicate.
  Law of 2 orange beautiful skin
Clever way of orange beautiful skin also can say is a kind of traditional secret recipe, be applied by everybody from of old. The orange skin that leaves after late orange, its insolation, when washing a face, go up with lukewarm bleb, till tangerine skin bubble soft, when tangerine skin flavour is full of inside the water that wash a face, with face of this kind of bath, but coarse skin becomes exquisite and lubricant.
   Law of beautiful skin of 3 rice bran
Rice bran beautiful skin is a lot of world regions from of old the clever way with respect to be current, later as a result of toilet soap come out and disappear but be taken seriously in recent years again and begin to be used afresh, its characteristic is it is cheap and fine not only, and have the effect truly. Because rice bran is had,this is go the action that oil cake makes the skin smooth. Use method: rice bran right amount load gauze rice bran bath is used in washbasin is being put in bag face and hair reach very good result since the metropolis.
   Law of 4 vinegar beautiful skin
Vinegar is the indispensable dressing in daily life not only, raise Yan Youji effect to hairdressing again at the same time, it can the bate skin cutin, fungus that kills cutaneous shallow ministry, can change the skin of thick dish. vinegar and glycerine with 5:1skin of the daub after scale is mixed even, the skin of coarsen coarse gradually exquisite. Additional, after washing a face with toilet soap everyday, reoccupy rinses one pot try spoon vinegar is washed, wash with clear water next clean, also can rise to protect cutaneous action.
   Law of 5 tea beautiful skin
Drink tea besides have promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid stop thirsty, life-giving wake outside cerebral action, still but hairdressing. Tea is known as from of old fine-looking the clever medicine with health. Vitamin C etc is contained a lot ofto be beneficial to the nutrient composition of beautiful skin in tea, often drinkable green tea can make the skin chases gradual change to must rise in vain. If facial ministry skins the blain that send blain is affected, can use green tea, the fruit of Chinese magnoliavine wait for a quantity to grind delicate last stage, add a few borneol to wash a face again, daily can cure very quickly.
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