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Burmese halcyon and Chinese Yu Wen are changed
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Real formal name of halcyon calls jadeite, it is one of first-class jade talent. English name Jadeite of halcyon, result from the abbreviation of spanish Plcdode Jade, meaning be in to adorn lumbar gem, when 16 centuries, people thinks halcyon is one kind can treat the gem with lumbago and painful kidney.
L halcyon is in our country is bird name originally. Fei is the birdie of a kind of gules feather, emerald green the birdie that is feather of a kind of green. Later gradually two words are amalgamative, point to a kind only glaucous in contain brown birdie. Halcyon is moved to be used on beautiful jade, and point to a kind of jadeite that contains siliceous aluminium natrium only, because this is planted,be jadeite color not divide evenly, the quality that there are red and green in the companion on a copy kept as a record of light color sometimes piece, its colour as handsome emerald bird.
The color of Burmese halcyon jade because of district differ consuetudinarily, its fractionize method has distinction a bit, burmese emerald jade cent is 3 kinds big 12 grade. Chinese gem bound criterion according to emerald green color different, go to fractionize of Burmese halcyon jade more than kinds of 30 grade, and according to its color fundamental key, can divide roughly for white, gules, green, black, purple 5 kinds. Gem Beijing O? sz halcyon serves as a kind of jade, the Chinese place that to have several chiliad distinctive Yu Wen changes is admired and not be accidental. The nature strange precious that is hidden in Burmese high mountain ridges when this hundreds of years ago passes into China, get of fair Ju Qing of the wife of a prince after the monarch, name treasure, with one stone small and invaluable, become the Wang Zhe in jade, this is the top commend and award of pair of nature classic not only, still having more far-reaching culture source among them.
The Qing Dynasty that Burmese halcyon jade ever was in our country at the beginning of end civilian faddish temporarily. Allegedly a of salary of flourish of chancellery of government office of quiet government internal affairs emerald green Yu Ling is in charge of, value gold 13000 2. 20 centuries 30 time metaphase, booth of jade of iron of Beijing halcyon king has one assistant bracelet, sold the Du Yuesheng of Shanghai with 40000 silver dollar. Because hardness of Burmese halcyon jade is tall, bright and clean and bright, and good emerald color already bright gentle, have very tall protect be worth and collect value, call so " Yu Zhongzhi king " , be loved by the person place of jade of a lot of love, admire jade. Japan, New Zealand returns a halcyon as homeland " country stone " . What because emerald jade is produced,be in proximate China is Burmese, and major finished product is machined in China, this kind of extraordinary ground predestined relationship concerns, the extraordinary preference of together with Chinese to emerald jade, western country thinks halcyon is China generally also " country jade " .
Although halcyon from the time that passes into wide application to also have only 339 years in great quantities, but because love emerald people to gift its magical culture connotation, its are brief and brilliant history enough lets other jade envy unceasingly, comprised the jade article culture with of long standing and well established the Chinese nation along with all the others with other jade. Bright generation, our country appears Burmese halcyon; Qing Dynasty is acting, as a result of the nobility love, be called " royal jade " , from this hundredfold of emerald social status, become the highest grade in jade. The life be closely bound up of halcyon and people, in people look, it is a kind of beautiful stone not only, benefit at the body, the belief that still contains mystery and add hold in the palm. The ancients and today the person all loves jade, happy event jade, play jade, "Gentleman without reason, jade does not leave a body " . Show course of study to already became the jade with Chinese people of world each district and Korea the most popular and other places, admire jade loves jade to already became a kind of contemporary fashion.
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