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Coral little common sense
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Coral is a large number of limy accumulation that secrete by a kind of when grow in sea mile elementary coelenterate anthozoan and into, show more dendritic, section has figure of homocentric layer record. Its chemistry composition is calcium carbonate, basically appear with the form of calcite, hardness is 3.5, 4, specific gravity is 2.6, 2.7. Not acid-proof alkaline. Coral basically has red, white, green, violet wait for color, it is top grade with the Gong Shanhu with sterling color among them.
Qing Dynasty is acting, one, 2 the top Dai Dou that tastes an official is to use Gong Shanhu to be made. Coral quality of a material is exquisite and withy solid, can use sculpture handicraft or enchase headgear, still can be used as medicine. In the Asia, coralline is main producing area arrives in Japan maritime space of Taiwan a gleam of, hainan island and the Xisha Islands also have produce.

Author: Beautiful circle / editor: Cola

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