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Lotus inserts Qing Yulian
From;    Author:Stand originally
Dimension: Caliber of long 22.5cm tall 12.6cm 12.1 × 7cm
Clear palace old Tibet
Explain: Gray jade. Take luster, have defect spot a bit. Implement main body is comprised by lake stone, seedpod of the lotus, lotus, lotus leaf. Seedpod of the lotus relies on lake stone closely, vulture 7 lotus seed. The sky inside lotus leaf, outside carve muscle sth resembling a net, meticulous in a subtle way; Edge small collect, carve of a side protruding flies sparrow. Implement bottom act the role ofing has running water, surfy, water and grass, one sparrow stands on lotus, make record of turn one's head. Modelling is vivid and natural, the structure is clever and compact, carver is careful.

Author: Beautiful circle / editor: Cola

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