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A list of names posted up of brand China general comment (2007
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The reporter understood from alliance of brand China industry recently, the section of brand of the 2nd China that closes to by Chinese trade alliance of the Women's Federation of meeting, whole nation and brand China industry is sponsorred jointly will be in Beijing Olympic park on October 1 national gymnasium opens, this is gymnasium of the country after the Olympic Games ends hold first large activity.

The grand opera will be performed in the evening on October 3, national gymnasium lamplight brights, honoured guest gathers, prize-giving ceremony of award of China chart of evening party of charity of section of brand of the 2nd China and brand China is held as scheduled, a list of names posted up of brand China general comment (2007-2008) single the same term of series a list of names posted up is announced, include brand China a list of names posted up of glory of award of chart of gold of China of China chart award, brand and Olympic Games of 2008 China brand. Sea Er, child with a ha is breathed out, 27 well-known companies such as old and well-known family of diamond of national beautiful electric equipment, ShiningHouse are in with its the excellent performance of the respect such as evaluation of brand vivid jerk, consumer, be awarded " award of chart of brand China gold -- brand of champion of gem jewelry industry " large award.

   ShiningHouse diamond old and well-known family releases trend of popularity of jewelry of 2009 China diamond solely
On prize-giving evening party of charity of section of brand of the 2nd China, shiningHouse diamond old and well-known family regards the champion of gem diamond industry as the brand, carry dazzing bright " dreamy ala " series adds up to of more than 40 invaluable advanced auger adorn, release 2009 China solely to get act the role of headgear popularity trend.
ShiningHouse diamond old and well-known family " dreamy ala " handsel group set series, use design of nature extent the people, those who blend in a dream is grand wait for a sincere feeling with the joyance of grandiose, life and happiness, give priority to color with handsel, the glaring ray that behaves diamond with face of line of yeast for making hard liquor, big metal and stereo composition of a picture, view and admire from different point of view, present different aesthetic feeling.

To the popular trend that Chinese getting acted the role of 2009, chen Xiaofeng of president of ShiningHouse diamond old and well-known family has the view with original herself. She says, in Chinese market, the step that devises a concept cannot be stridden too greatly, need work up. Rolled out 2007 advocate get companion to break the design that get is very popular, fashionable 2008 design is favorred by fashionable personage, the diamond of 1 carat above is collected a personage to chase after hold in both hands. As the consumes level ceaseless promotion of people, home of the coming year is gotten act the role of consumptive market to be able to get further progress, consumer matures ceaselessly, already can admire the headgear of different style, of Euramerican market popularity small those who set is broken get design to will be popular.
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