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The headgear of person of duty field Yi wears law
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Spring wears headgear to must have a principle
E fashion: Is collect of Nuo of avarice of ㄕ of hoarse of  of bridge of enthalpy of standing grain of the Mu that pull astounded disconcerted チ of Song M be addicted to confused of dam of reed vasting copy does Qian of low of cut down of Lv of ∏ of season of strong  of heir of the  that protect  make an appointment with health neon of confused  of Chi of fast of Lou of  of body P Ping to pull ash of   ancient name for a kind of scorpion?
Headgear is indispensable almost for beautiful to love wife, but if act the role of and cause dermatitis because of Dai Shou,was just the opposite to what one wished. Generally speaking, bullion silver or gem headgear performance are steady, the probability that produces skin allergy is low. And for delicate to a few women skin, the headgear of nickel of chromium of aureate, silver-gilt, plating, plating very cause dermatitis easily, because this is in,adorn oneself must be cleared up to whether can have allergic reaction first before headgear. Skin allergy often expresses Sao of local now skin urticant, burn, remove erythema, desquamate or remove papule, bleb and purulent sex secretion, the person that weigh forms ulcer.
Additional, year in year out, do not divide ground of day and night to wear ring, finger may become coma, acerbity swollen, aching, the skin below ring, muscle, bone can cave even cricoid deformation, in addition the blood that affects finger likely still circulates. Ring avoid by all means is accordingly long Dai Buzhai.
   The headgear of person of Yi of field talking about duty is worn formal
QQ forum: Does Zi Wei mire Yong magnesian fade kisses an ancient term for silk fabrics of cease of  of basketry danger  is hut swollen does basketry stomach  make an appointment with act of Lan of Huan of bed of  of Shun of Chinese disclose quail bed of male cochlea of drought of Lei Yao of  of extensive of generation of extensive of quarrel of tiny fragments of stone of incomplete of R of excuse me of Zou of Bi of the Huaihe River of canister of book of intense of dust   ?
Adorn article with not block up job is a principle. What wear when the job adorn article should avoid too beautiful or the meeting is flashy, basically, still serve as a principle with not cloggy labour, so too long ear pendant does not suit. And, if necklace is too long also regular meeting because too care about by table leg hook influence work efficiency.
Also want to be beautiful in order to secure on ear to the choice of dangler; If too long, should not not only of the job makeup play the part of, and look not quite grave, regular meeting causes the criticism of others.
Setting too the jade that has too big, high-grade ring additionally is unfavorable more appear in yard place. Of can cloggy job adorn article should get off a simple knitting foreign outfit, deserve to go up again such tie-in dispute often coordinates beautiful ear pendant easy. But if meet,cloggy job should not deserve to wear. When the dangler that phone of meeting block up talks is going to work, for example should get off. Similar what will never side of company of this kind of business say more, but had be toed pay attention to however.
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