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Gold act the role ofing tastes clean cultivate law
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Gold act the role ofing is tasted not very fragile, but not attentive maintain, also can lose its original burnish and glamour. Generally speaking, when should be careful below:
1. The chemical material of the essence that wash clean can change the colour and lustre of gold, golden act the role ofing should be taken off to taste before doing clean work so.    

2. Avoid to wait for contact of tall volatile material with perfume, fixature directly, bring about golden act the role ofing to fade easily otherwise.
3. Golden act the role ofing should get off when swimming, lest come up against seawater or pool water hind, surface layer produces chemical change.
4. When keeping, had wrapped with flannelette put into jewelry box again, prevent mutual attrition damage.
5. Bullion act the role ofing is tasted chemical reaction can produce when encountering mercury, occurrence white stain, barbecue should fall a little while in spirit lamp only when cleaning, can restore primary colors.
6. The gold after adorning is acted the role of often be infected with because of what besmirch reachs dirt and lose luster, right now, want to act the role of gold park neutral to abluent immerses and be cleaned only, reassume gives mop to wipe can

Author: Beautiful circle / editor: Cola

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