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Beautiful coral always is protected " green "
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One, prevent bang, collision please, lest gem falls off,damage;
2, avoid to contact chemical article, acerbity, alkalescent liquid and perfume to wait please;
3, appropriate is wiped to keep with soft cloth after be being used every time please;
4, please often bubble clear water, edible vegetable oil, make always be protected repeatedly " brightness is unripe brightness " ;
5, often wear coral jewelry please, those who make is as harmonious as photograph of person intelligence of animals;

6, have many coral headgear exchanges according to season please, in order to is protected " bright Li Ruxin " effect;
7, without inlaid catenary of Gong Shanhu necklace, hand, object catenary all the year round close-fitting wearing is health care of invigorate the circulation of blood optimal emperor is tasted.

Author: Beautiful circle / editor: Cola

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