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The brief introduction of zoisite
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Composition: Calcium of hydroxyl silicon acid is aluminous
Hardness: 6.5
Specific gravity: 3.35
Refractive index: 1.69-1.70
Birefraction: 0.010  
Breed is much, most those who accept favour is Danquanshi, a kind of mutation that produces the color like sapphirine by Wu Fan's existence. What red spring Shi Youxian wears is much to lubricious sex, show violet, blue or stone skin gray, inspect watch angle and decide; In generation of the meeting below white-hot light slight color change appears violetter. Contain ruby, the zoisite lump green that contains black amphibole inclusion sometimes is varietal, classics polish, sculpture or table are together, can make decorations or conspicuous adornment sex gem. Manganese zoisite, the pink lump of by manganese generation is varietal, via polishing or sculpture, also can make small-sized jewelry. Dan Quanshi constant with sapphirine, manganese zoisite is as promiscuous as rose picrite.  
Producing area: Discover in Tanzania above all, yellow, green zoisite distributings to be mixed in Tanzania Kenya, manganese zoisite distributings in Norwegian, Austria, Australia western, calorie of Luo Laina city of Italy and United States.

Author: Beautiful circle / editor: Cola

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