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Discern amber the 4 laws of true bogus
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Amber discern the method of true bogus
One, usable eye and feel are differentiated. True amber the impressional gentleness that gives a person, warm, sending out burnish; And a lot of synthesis taste the person's cold feeling and contain bleb, relic, flaw. Next amber belong to neuter gem, feel with the hand, general situation won't super-cooling overheat.
2, physiological saline tests a standard. As a result of amber lighter, can use so 1: The physiological saline of 10 goes examining amber true bogus, amber put into brine, what float rises is amber. But this discerns the method cannot eliminate artificial and amber, using Shi Shen to weigh so.
3, polarizing lens tests a standard. Natural amber be in polarizing below lens, can a natural 7 colour light appears in amber upper part. And of artificial treatment or what handle through high temperature is amber do not have.
4, combustion law. With lighter light bright is natural and amber, hear later outside heating amberly, can hear have a light loose sweet smell. False do not have.

Author: Beautiful circle / editor: Cola

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