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How to choose ruby
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The mainest factor that decides ruby value is color. The sort of red of the ruby of top class quality you are to be able to imagine: Tonal especially pure, degree of saturation is good, do not take any or palm or blue secondary are tonal. The color intensity of high grade ruby is just like flaming coke. A kind of material with the color the greatest strength that the ancestral place that ruby perhaps is us sees. Pardonable what they describe these blaze so is magic the force like: These gules blaze will burn ceaselessly, never go out.
The corundum of all color besides red all is identified sapphirine. This makes people is in of ruby and sapphirine differentiate on the problem (delimit till where, begin from where again) generated controversy, be peachblossom corundum extremely differentiate problem. 1 9 9 1 year, association of international coloured gem makes a provision, the gules corundum that light color moves ought to put under ruby a kind.
It is besides color, the element of value of other influence ruby is to be spent completely, cut labour and size. Very transparent, the ruby that compares style of those macroscopical wrap up without the ruby of tiny flaw is more valuable. Cut labour to attract person and the rate that your person likes to have very big effect to ruby, cut the lapidary light that has been versed in to be able to cross the surface to be reflexed equably. And do not appear in the center shady area or light leak area. And get too deep or too shallow constant meeting to appear when treasure stone mill this phenomenon. On other explicit form ought to symmetrical, polishing does not leave any nick and nick. Ruby and other gem sell by carat. One carat is equivalent to 1/5 gram. Because big ruby is more exiguous, the expenses of every carat is a bit larger than a bit smaller ruby of coequal quality.
Ruby can appear sometimes 3 bundles 6 shoot starlight. These starlight ruby are cut wear is smooth the carve of dambered surface form of vault. When illuminate of the illuminant that use sheet, starlight is the most apparent and visible. Effect of this kind of color is called starlight effect, be by from imperceptible rutile acicular lap body catoptric is caused solely. Of ruby interior acicular rutile parallel is shown at crystal surface directional arrange.

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